Zeldin Bill Would Extend Striped Bass Fishery

Congressman Lee Zeldin.

A bill sponsored by U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin that would clarify federal laws governing the management of the striped bass fishery in the waters between Montauk and Block Island was passed with bipartisan support last week.

Between New York State waters, which end three miles off of Montauk Point and the Rhode Island boundary, which begins three miles off of Block Island, there is a small area of federally controlled water that has been off-limits to striped bass fishing since 1990. Congressman Zeldin’s bill authorizes the Secretary of Commerce to open this area to striped bass fishing.

Congressman Zeldin co-hosted a House Natural Resources Committee field hearing in Riverhead last December to discuss local fishing issues.

“Long Island striped bass fishermen have lost 60 percent of their traditional fishing grounds due to federal restrictions that my bill would reform,” Mr. Zeldin said in a release. “Additionally, the shift in jurisdiction can mean the difference between a nice day on the water and committing a federal offense.”

Mr. Zeldin said he would continue the fight to get the measure enacted into law.