Tribe Goals: Growing Closer Through Pain


Stephanie Bormuth gives instruction during Tribe Core Training at the Sag Harbor Gym. Michael Heller photo

The concept of group training can elevate to levels of camaraderie bordering on family, as Tribe Team Training at the Hamptons Gym Corp. in Sag Harbor and Southampton has shown. The notion that “together everyone will achieve more” is at the heart of Tribe training, but the success of group fitness revolves around competition and accountability among family, friends and strangers who grow closer through mutual pain.

Tribe consists of five programs — Fit, Core, Life, Punch and Kids — all of which run six weeks and meet two or three times per week. There are seven seasons throughout the year, meaning one could presumably spend 42 weeks of the year immersed in Tribe. Stephanie Bormuth, the gym manager and head Tribe coach in Sag Harbor, became certified as an instructor after she met Rebecca Oleander, a master coach who runs the program in Southampton.

“We have seen a build up in the group atmosphere,” says Bormuth. “The difference between group fitness and us is that connection you have with the coach. You go into the other classes, and it’s 50 people or so and you’re not always going to get special attention. With us, I know who you are, I check up on you, I know what your kid’s name is.”

The pleasantries, however, end there.

“The cool thing about Tribe is that we progress,” Bormuth adds. “So not only in the six weeks do we progress the movements and the workouts, within the year we progress as well. If you start with season one and go all the way through season seven, everything gets a little harder and a little more complex. And you become stronger.”


TRIBE Fit – High intensity, with a lot of running and jumping. “It’s meant to get you fitter, faster and stronger,” says Bormuth.

TRIBE Core – All about the mid-section, shoulder to knees. Meets twice per week. “You don’t need to work your core as often as people thing you do,” Bormuth adds. “Still, if you do it right, you’ll be sore for days.”

TRIBE Life – Similar to Tribe Fit, but lower impact. “For anyone who has any joint issues, Life is perfect,” Bormuth advises. “But it’s also far from easy.”

TRIBE Punch – Designed to give you agility, strength, fitness and fighting skills. Locally, Punch is available at the Southampton Gym only.

TRIBE Kids – Children, generally ages 5 through 12, learn how to move in a group, play games and bring new exercises home with them. “I think I have more fun than they do.”

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