Sag Harbor with an Italian Flare


The “Sag Harbor” yacht from Sanlorenzo.

Owners of large yachts and sailboats know the Lance Corporal Jordan C. Haerter Veterans Memorial Bridge makes access to Sag Harbor Cove a challenge — if not outright impossible. Which is why the 78-foot Sag Harbor edition of the Sanlorenzo SL78 series features an electro-hydraulic folding mast that allows it to pass under the low bridge of the eponymous marina.

The newly-designed yacht, it appears, will feel right at home within the glitzy Sag Harbor yacht scene, with interior and exterior designs by Officina Italiana Design and accommodation for eight guests in four cabins. A teak deck surrounds a lounge with large floor-to-ceiling windows that offer clear views of the sea (or cove, as it may be) and surrounding marinas.

Boomer Jousma is the exclusive seller of Sanlorenzo yachts in Sag Harbor, with an office at the Sag Harbor Cove Marina, located on the south side of the Jordan Haerter bridge. With that challenge in mind, Jousma asked designers at Sanlorenzo to come up with a yacht that could provide its usual size and luxury, as well as an ability to get under the bridge in Sag Harbor.

“We created this idea so the hydraulic mast comes down,” said Jousma, who said he will have one of the new Sag Harbor models on-site this summer. “So these guys that we’re catering to, they don’t have to change their lifestyle. In the past they would have to find other alternatives near Long Wharf, where it’s extremely difficult to get dockage. The markets are there, the clients are there, so this was something we needed to do.”

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