The Wharf Shop Wooden Train Giveaway


On Saturday, February 4, The Wharf Shop in Sag Harbor invites the parents of preschool children aged two to five years and wooden train enthusiasts to come to the shop to receive a free personalized wooden boxcar. The train giveaway starts at 10 a.m. and will go on until the shop runs out of wooden train cars to give out.

“Our train table has become a tradition with preschool children who stop there to play in their family routine on Main Street, or it’s a distraction for children whose parents are trying to shop in the store,” Gwen Waddington, of the Wharf Shop said when giving history behind this new event.

“We want to thank all those kids and parents by giving away a little wooden train car.”

Kids are invited to play with the car on the track in the Wharf Shop or bring them home and play with the cars on the floor.

Ms. Waddington wanted to remind customers that it is a human powered wooden car and the train cars will be personalized with names, nicknames or initials.

“Like Thomas and his friends, we’re hoping that kids will give their trains their own personality…we have a happy face to go on the front, and hopefully these cars will develop their own personality and they can make up their own story behind who this car is,” she added.

The shop is open every day year round, except during snowstorms and holidays, and the train table is available to use whenever the store is open.

The Wharf Shop is located at 69A Main St. in Sag Harbor. For more information, please contact (631) 725-0420, or visit


–Lindsay Andarakis