Vered Arrested Following Disturbance At Sag Harbor Film Screening

A still from the documentary "Conscience Point."

Ruth Kalb, 80, a Sag Harbor art dealer who goes by the name Vered, was arrested Wednesday, February 12, by Sag Harbor Village police at Tutto Giorno restaurant on Main Street following a screening of the documentary, “Conscience Point.”

Sag Harbor Police Chief Austin J. McGuire said officers were called to the restaurant around 9:30 p.m. after Ms. Vered allegedly caused a disturbance during a question-and-answer period following the screening and refused to leave the restaurant.

Arrest at Screening of "Conscience Point" from on Vimeo.

When two village officers tried to escort her from the premises, Ms. Vered resisted strenuously, according to the chief, shouting and struggling.

“She was actively fighting with them,” he said of the arresting officers. “She kicked one in the knee and struck another in the chest.”

A video that was submitted to the Express News Group from an anonymous source shows two village officers escorting Ms. Vered from the restaurant as she yells, “No! No! No!” When they reach the doorway, she yells, “No Way!” and “Get out and stay out!” as she kicks one of the officers,.

At that point, the two officers wrestled her to the ground and handcuffed her as she continued to yell. Chief McGuire said the officers used maximum restraint in dealing with her.

Ms. Vered was charged with three violations, two counts of harassment in the second degree, for allegedly striking the police officers, and trespassing, for refusing to leave the restaurant, according to the chief.

She was processed at village headquarters and released with a return date of February 28 at Sag Harbor Village Justice Court.

“Conscience Point,” a film by Treva Wurfmeld, premiered at the Hamptons International Film Festival last fall. It focuses on the efforts of was Becky Hill-Genia, a member of the tribe, as she fights to protect Shinnecock land and grave sites.