Update: Sag Harbor Boards Warm to Condo Plan That Paves Way for Park

Images courtesy Greystone Property Development Corp.


By Douglas Feiden

The John Steinbeck Waterfront Park took a giant leap forward, the 1-800-LAWYERS building edged toward the wrecking ball — and a grand vision to transform the last major undeveloped waterfront parcel in the village moved a step closer to becoming a reality.

screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-8-48-49-pmAfter a decade of impassioned debate, the future of the harbor frontage became a bit clearer on Thursday night when Greystone Property Development Corp. unveiled new plans for the 2.33-acre site it owns between West Water Street and Sag Harbor Cove.

Executives briefed roughly 20 members of four village regulatory panels — the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, Harbor Committee and Board of Historic Preservation and Architectural Review — during an unusual joint work session in the Municipal Building in which the dramatically revised designs were presented.

They showed how the vast swath of land behind the 7-Eleven, a long-derelict parcel on which Greystone had planned to build a luxury condominium complex, could be freed up and morph into parkland instead, becoming a landscaped emerald Eden at one of the village’s most prominent gateways.

In images, drawings and blueprints presented by architect Gary Brewer, the development is all concentrated on the western side of the parcel, while the eastern portion, flanking the Lance Cpl. Jordan Haerter Veterans Memorial Bridge, is carved out of the condo complex, removed from development and used to create a significantly larger Steinbeck Park.

The plans now show a 3-story, 46.5-foot tall, 33,000-square-foot condominium on the site of 1-800-LAWYERS, which would be demolished. A denser, 13-unit, L-shaped, two-building structure, outfitted with 14 below-grade parking spots, would take its place.

Greystone’s controversial project, long branded 1,3, 5 Ferry Road, is also taking on a new name, 2 West Water Street, which is the street address of 1-800-LAWYERS, the schematics show.

“The reason why we are amending our application is because the trustees have expressed an interest in acquiring as much of the property as possible,” said Dennis Downes, the Sag Harbor-based attorney who represents the developer.

“We’ve been trying to work with them so that we can create a park, a big green area, and concentrate all of the construction on the 2 West Water Street property, which everyone refers to as 1-800-LAWYERS,” he added.