Two New Sag Harbor Houses Approved by Board

A rendering of the proposed house at 51 Redwood Road. Courtesy image

Also last Thursday, the Board of Historic Preservation and Architectural Review approved plans for the demolition of two existing houses and construction of homes to replace them, one on Meadowlark Lane and one on Redwood Road.

The 51 Redwood Road application breezed by the BHPAR relatively easily, with owner and contractor David Rimland assuring the board that much of the existing trees and hedges on the site would remain in place. A pre-existing pool would remain as well. The proposal is to take down an 800-square-foot ranch and replace it with a 2,925-square-foot house, which is actually below the maximum allowable size that could fit on the .325-acre site. A single-car garage is also proposed.

“It’s not too ambitious. We didn’t even max out our floor area,” Mr. Rimland said.

“It’s beautifully screened,” said BHPAR member Dean Gomolka, who frequently comments on landscaping issues.

The board approved the application 5-0, with member Bethany Deyermond absent and alternate member Judith Long casting a vote in her place.

Architect William Sclight, however, didn’t have as easy a time pitching a building plan for 31 Meadowlark Lane on behalf of Louis Zazzarino. A 2,790-square-foot house that complies with all zoning codes is proposed. Along with the house, a new landscaping vista is planned, along with a swimming pool and spa, cabana, patio and fence. However, the BHPAR found Mr. Sclight’s fence schematic lacking in detail. The board ultimately split the application, approving the new house on a 5-0 vote while tabling the rest.

“The house looks wonderful,” board member Val Florio said, but added, “In all fairness, we’ve sent home two other people this evening” whose plans lacked specificity.