Two New Keith’s Nervous Breakdown Cocktail Mixers for 2017 Season

Keith's Nervous Breakdown Margarita Mix. Courtesy image

East End entrepreneur Keith E. Davis, creator of the Hamptons café chain The Golden Pear, is growing his newest brand, Keith’s Nervous Breakdown Ultra-Premium Cocktail Mixes, by rolling out two new mixers in 2017, Rum Punch and Bloody Mary Mix.

Keith’s Nervous Breakdown Margarita Mix. Courtesy image

The brand was launched in the summer of 2016 with its inaugural mix, Keith’s Nervous Breakdown Margarita Mix. All mixers are made in small batches and made with the ingredients like agave nectar for sweetening, not high-fructose corn syrup like other brands. The mix is 90% juice content, non-GMO and gluten-free.

Keith’s Nervous Breakdown’s new cocktail mixers follow the same unique recipe with natural ingredients and flavorings. The Rum Punch mix contains citrus concentrates and organic flavorings of vanilla, coconut and tangerine. The mix offers a flavor profile that needs only one premium white rum and a dark rum floater to complete the cocktail instead of the traditional four to five rums to make a perfect rum punch.

The Bloody Mary Mix includes a combination of tomato juice, hints of jalapeño peppers, olives, pickles and celery leaving you with a mix that isn’t sweet with just the right amount of heat. Pair with premium vodka, for a classic Bloody Mary every time.

The creation of the Keith’s Nervous Breakdown brand came from just another round of golf. While playing an important golf match, Mr. Davis missed a three-foot putt on the 18th green and lost the match. At the bar, he ordered a pink margarita when a friend entered the bar and exclaimed, “Keith just had a ‘Nervous Breakdown’ on the 18th hole!” Thus, his favorite cocktail was named. The margarita mix paired with premium tequila delivers cranberry pomegranate flavors.

Keith’s Nervous Breakdown Cocktail Mixers can be purchased online and across Long Island at retail locations for $16.95 per bottle. A margarita mix gift box that includes a 750ml bottle of Nervous Breakdown Margarita Mix, two branded glasses and a tin of Atlantic Sea Salt, is available for $29.95.

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— Lindsay Andarakis