Tulla Booth Gallery Extends “Winter Favorites”

Serengeti by Stephen Wilkes.
Serengeti by Stephen Wilkes.

Tulla Booth Gallery has extended the “Winter Favorites” exhibit through January 30, 2017. The pieces on view range from calm to dramatic and all aim to make the viewer closer to nature. The winter gallery hours are Friday through Monday, 12:30 to 6 p.m.

Stephen Wilkes’ popular “Day to Night” series features unique images of the most beloved cities and sites of the world. As part of his on going series, he captured the iconic Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles and he photographs from a stationary 50-foot crane. All explained on a “CBS Sunday Morning” segment, he shoots 12 hours from day to night and gathers 1,200 to 1,500 images and uses the frames to form one image from dawn to dusk. He was recently featured in newest National Geographic Issue celebrating the 100th anniversary of the State Parks in America and his art reached the cover. Mr. Wilkes blends up to 100 still photographs into a seamless composite that captures the transition from day to night and reveals the stories hidden in familiar locations.

Daniel Jones’ newest body of work, his “Seaside Expressions” series creates visual moments that draw the viewer in. His work is shot with a digital camera and the motion is done entirely in the camera.

Herbert Friedman, another featured artist started photographing in 1969 while a graduate student in psychology at Temple University. He was a practicing psychologist for many years, and went on to study photography with Michael A. Smith. Mr. Friedman is drawn to water as a subject for his photography and he has received several awards and accolades.

Blair Segram, another photographer featured in Tulla Booth Gallery said about her work, “When my lens turned toward surfers I was inspired by their keen sense of timing catching a wave then riding across it. The sequence of images that make up the surfing panoramas is less about a decisive moment than about a series of moments or continuity of actions that are presented as one still image.”

The Tulla Booth Gallery is located at 66 Main Street in Sag Harbor. For more information, contact (631) 725-3100 or visit tullaboothgallery.com.