Tritt Resigns as Sag Harbor Schools Superintendent, Principal Jeff Nichols to Share Both Roles

Jeff Nichols.

Eleanor “Ellie” Tritt has resigned as the Sag Harbor Union Free School District Superintendent, the district’s school board and Ms. Tritt announced during a teleconference meeting on Wednesday, March 18.

Pierson High School Principal Jeff Nichols was named interim superintendent that night through April 19. Ms. Tritt will serve as his assistant during that time and will continue to be paid by the district per her original contract at $1,300 per day.

“At this time, I regret to inform you that due to personal circumstances,  I must submit my intent to resign from my position as Interim Superintendent, effective in 30 days, April 19, 2020,” said Ms. Tritt in a letter to the board. “I am committed to working with you, the Board, and the staff to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. I am certainly aware of the current unprecedented crisis due to the COVID-19 and regret that the timing of my resignation must coincide with this difficult situation. I assure you that I will do whatever I can to assist you and the administration in any possible way and will continue to do so after April 19, if requested.”

According to the resolution adopted by the board of education last Wednesday, Mr. Nichols will not be paid additional money while serving as interim superintendent.

“It is with regret that the Board of Education has accepted the resignation of our Interim Superintendent, Ellie Tritt, at tonight’s Board of Education meeting,” wrote the board in a press release. “In the short time that Ellie has served as our Interim Superintendent, she has left an unforgettable imprint on our district, setting an example for everyone through her great leadership, incredible work ethic, open-door approach and attention to detail.  We wish Ellie all of the best in her future endeavors.”

Ms. Tritt was named Interim Superintendent in late November. The district is currently interview candidates to serve as Superintendent following the retirement of former superintendent Katy Graves.

“The principal duties right now are very different given children are not in the school building,” said Mr. Nichols in an interview on Friday. “Normally, serving in both roles would be a little more complicated but I feel given the students are not in the school building, I can address what needs to be addressed over the next month. All my fellow administrators are pitching in as well.”