Thomas Reimann



Thomas Reimann, who led a remarkable life filled with love and adventure, died on April 24, 2016. A longtime resident of Sandpoint, Idaho, Mr. Reimann was 73 years old.

Thomas Arthur Reimann was born in Southhampton, and lived much of his life at, near or in the water. He was born to Ruth Helene and Richard Philip Reimann and spent his childhood years in the family homestead on Main Street in Sag Harbor, and later Bay Shore, L.I. He was the son and grandson of pharmacists — the successive owners (Arthur and Richard) of the historic Reimann’s Pharmacy and Soda Fountain, in Sag Harbor, one of the oldest pharmacies on Long Island.

Mr. Reimann joined the Marines in the 1960s and served in Morocco. He attended the legendary Woodstock Music Festival in 1969, and found success in several fields, including as craftsman, an electrician, and as a small business owner. Together with his partner Gaila May, he opened a leather and pottery shop in Queechy Lake, Vermont, and was a frequent visitor to the Berkshires, primarily Lenox, Massachusetts, where he also sold his pottery and leather goods to local businesses, as well as throughout the Northeast. It was also there where he taught his sons and nephews to dive from cliffs into shallow waters.

After working at Grumman Aircraft Factory in Long Island on the Lunar Excursion Module, Rotating Components and Lindenhurst Yachts, Mr. Reimann studied Transcendation Meditation in La Vorias, France, later moving to finally settle in Sandpoint, Idaho, where he lived alternately between his condominium and the nearby marina, on his boat. He was a frequent visitor to the Gardenia Center and the Sandpoint Eagles. He remained an Idaho resident the rest of his life where he continued his love of fishing and boating.

He died shortly after sunrise on Sunday, April 24, at a Hospice facility near Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, following an extended illness, shortly after leaving an assisted living facility in Hayden, Idaho.

He was predeceased by his parents, Ruth Helene and Richard Philip Reimann, his wife Marianne Reimann, his brother William Bailey Reimann, and his son, Richard “Ricky” Thomas Reimann. He is survived by his granddaughter Sydney Reimann of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, his sisters Beverle Reimann-Marcus of Lenox, Massachusetts and Nora Pell Reimann of Florida, and a son Timothy Reimann, as well as a niece Laura B. Reimann and two nephews, Peter J. Marcus of Los Angeles, California and Theodore H. Marcus of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and his dear friends Curtis and Mikki Olson of Sandpoint, Idaho.

A private memorial service was conducted in Idaho.