Thiele Introduces Legislation to Regulate Running Bamboo


New York State Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr. has introduced legislation in the New York State Assembly that, if passed, would regulate “running bamboo.” The legislation is modeled after legislation enacted in Connecticut that took effect last October.

“Running bamboo,” and its complex root system, is an extremely fast growing plant which can spread horizontally beyond property lines and cause significant physical, biologic, and ecologic damage to abutting properties.

The legislation would require that anyone who plants running bamboo on his or her property would be required to keep it within his property lines, effective October 1. Any person who is found to be in violation would be liable for any damages caused to neighboring property by the bamboo.

The legislation will also limit where people can plant running bamboo within 100 feet of any abutting property or public right of way unless the planting is confined by a barrier system or above-ground container and does not come into contact with surrounding soil.

Violators of the law would be subject to penalties under the State Environmental Conservation Law.

The legislation also requires retail sellers or installers of running bamboo to provide customers who purchase the plant with a statement that discloses that running bamboo is a fast-growing plant that may spread if not properly contained and a plain language summary of the law.

The legislation would supersede all local legislation relating to “running bamboo.”





  1. The problem of Bamboo is not the Bamboo,but the ignorance of the people that write these article ‘s and of course the politians that have no idea what they are doing. I would love to know the biologic and ecologic damage that Bamboo causes. I deal with Bamboo every day and have never seen any biologicial nor ecologicial. damage to anything! Please send me pics of such accurance’s.
    Bamboo Bob

  2. I have a very serious problem with my neighbor’s running bamboo. There is no law to regulate the running bamboo, so previous owner spent thousands dollars to put barriers and spread gallons of “roundup” every year (this is ecological damage, right?). We didn’t have any knowledge about running bamboo when we purchased this house….again we had to spread gallons of “roundup”every year, spent hundreds dollars to clean up. Eventually the bamboo was growing along side of our house which damaged our sidings. Also, it distorted our sprinkler systems and patio. Our neighbor said the running bamboo from there property into our property is our response since there is no law. We figured paying lawyer is greater than fix the problem, so we had to spent over seven thousand dollars to get rid of the running bamboo. The process of excavating didn’t stop the running bamboo. Now what should I do? We need regulation for the running bamboo.