Turning Riverhead Streets into Art


A street artist in Riverhead.

Art will literally be flowing through the streets of downtown Riverhead on Sunday, May 28 when East End Arts returns its annual Community Mosaic Street Painting Festival to downtown Riverhead for the 21st year.

The festival features street painting — an art form called “I Madonnari” that dates back to 16th Century Italy, where street painters created works of art in front of cathedrals in homage to the Virgin Mary. Today, street painters in Riverhead celebrate their own idols, whether that draws from pop culture, history, through portraiture, to landscapes celebrating the natural world, to works of comedy and tragedy. The free festival also features a fine arts and crafts fair, live music, a drum circle, gourmet food trucks, and more, drawing over 5,000 local residents and tourists into downtown Riverhead for what has become a Memorial Day weekend tradition.

For more information, or to register to be a street painter, visit eastendarts.org.

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