5 Not-to-Be Missed East End Kayak Haunts


David Lys, owner of Weekend Warrior Tours and a lifelong resident of East Hampton, offers some details about his favorite spots for kayaking, paddleboarding and getting out on the water to enjoy the wonders of nature that exist across the East End. 

1) Accabonac Harbor, East Hampton

“It’s the oldest fishing port in the Town of East Hampton. There are still remnants to 300 years ago that you can only see from the water by kayak or paddleboard. It is safe, it is shallow and there’s a lot of fauna and shellfishing.”

2) Alewife Brook, East Hampton

“Alewife Brook is the closest thing to a running river in the Town of East Hampton, very placid, beautiful for children, a lot of wonderful birding up in there. It’s a little slice of Heaven in the Northwest Woods.”

Allison Frost/allisonfrost.com

3) Sebonac Creek, Southampton

“A very old port in the Town of Southampton with wonderful estuary birding. You can go out to the north side of the bay, it’s protected from winds and you can paddle numerous different routes without seeing the same thing twice.”

4) Mashomack Preserve, Shelter Island

“Paddling the southern tip of the Mashomack Preserve is an open water crossing, or you can go south from the ferry docks. It’s a little bit of a longer intermediate to experienced paddle but overall the birding over there is unmatched on the East End.”

5) Napeague Harbor, East Hampton

“It’s a fisherman’s paradise out there, a very shallow, but pristine estuary. You always have to watch the winds, but you can have a nice paddle out to Montauk and up on Fort Pond Bay. That’s again a more intermediate to expert paddle, but since so many of us live on the water we’re always looking for a little more challenging route.”

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