The Viewed Shed


The Viewed Shed_0422

The Sag Harbor ARB balked at plans to replace this shed, an old chicken coop, seen through a break in a neighbor’s hedge on Bayview Avenue.

Donald Fordham, a resident of 34 Bayview Avenue, who had plans to replace a dilapidated chicken coop and outhouse that had been converted into a garden shed, ran into a brick wall when he appeared before the Sag Harbor Board of Historic Preservation and Architectural Review last Thursday.

Board member Penni Ludwig said she did not like Mr. Fordham’s choice of a vinyl-clad shed and suggested he might consider buying a wood-sided one, perhaps made by Walpole.

“It’s replacing an outhouse and a chicken coop that are quite charming,” added member Chris Conner. “The fact that it is visible from the street by anyone driving by means we have to take charge and make sure it’s acceptable.”

When Mr. Fordham protested, saying the alternatives were too expensive, board member Bethany Deyermond offered a compromise, suggesting a conditional approval that would require Mr. Fordham to screen the shed with shrubs if the board decided it was unsightly. Her motion failed to gain a second.

An obviously frustrated Mr. Fordham said he would just as soon not replace the shed, but Cee Scott Brown, the board’s chairman, said he was welcome to come back with another idea next month. “I guess I have to if I can’t have this one,” he replied.



  1. This is UNREAL! The Fordham’s have been in this village for generations and all he wants to do is replace a shed! Yet, this same Board is allowing historic homes to be torn down and replaced with mini mansions, which DO NOT fit the character of this village. It seems money talks… As a village resident,taxpayer, and true local, I am APPALLED!

  2. So they can approve ugly monstrosities that are barely lived in to be built in our village, but a genuine local can’t get a new shed in their backyard approved? Anyone else see a problem with this?!?