The American Hotel Bids Adieu to Harry

Harry, at a table at The American Hotel. Courtesy of Ted Conklin

Harry, a Jack Russell terrier and the unofficial Mayor of Main Street, Sag Harbor, for over a decade, died of natural causes on July 28.

The American Hotel mascot, bred in Dublin by Desmond Guinness, lived at the hotel in the heart of the village from 2002 until he enjoyed a suburban retirement a few years ago at the Manorville home of Mary Ferrara, the hotel’s Executive Director.

During his time in the village, Harry was a regular at The Dockside. All one needed to say was, “Harry Burger” and the kitchen would know the appropriate temperature and garnish for the cheerful terrier’s meal. The chef at The American Hotel was not always so cooperative, said his owner, American Hotel proprietor Ted Conklin, and as such Harry preferred The Dockside.

Often found glued to Mr. Conklin’s hip most times, when necessary for Mr. Conklin to leave for a Bay Street Show or appointment somewhere, a simple hand-gesture, “stay,” would result in Harry remaining motionless, usually on the wide arm of the Hotel’s lobby couch, until Mr. Conklin’s return.

A sailor, Harry mastered the art of eating the wake of our little sloops and commanded the deck of America, Mr. Conklin’s 75-foot, three-bedroom motor yacht.

“The most loyal of animals, smarter than most humans, Harry had a great run and made all he met happier for the moment,” said Mr. Conklin.