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27Speaks: Getting Ready For ‘Fall’ High School Sports In The Spring, With Spectators

In this week’s edition of 27Speaks, the editors are joined by reporter Desirée Keegan and Sports Editor Drew Budd for a discussion about the upcoming “fall” sports season (which will be played in the spring), including football, volleyball and cross country. County rules will allow limited spectators at the matches for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic.

It’s The RaffaShow: Danny Ximo Channels his Inner Diva for a Good Cause

Danny Ximo recalls that it all began in Sag Harbor back in 2008. The location was The Cigar Bar on Main Street, the occasion was Halloween and the impetus was Arlene Furer, the owner of the place, who suggested that Ximo, who she knew was a performer, dress up in drag and put on a show. “She had the idea of doing something different and inspired me to create Raffa,” Ximo said in a recent interview, referring to his first feminine persona. “She was the one with the idea — the fairy godmother of the show.”

Climate Corner: Do It Yourself EcoFilm Fest

Until this long and COVID-y winter is finally over, you are cordially invited to an environmental film festival located right here on your own couch. And since there are so many great documentaries made about the planet, and you’re so busy (doing what exactly, I’m not sure), I’ve tried to select the best of the best.