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Ways of Water Examines a Precious Resource

Water impacts climate, agriculture, transportation and industry as well as inspires art and music. From February 29 to April 11, it will also be the focus of “Water/Ways,” a Smithsonian traveling exhibition that is coming to the East Hampton Historical Society’s Clinton Academy.

‘Vivian’s Music, 1969’ Raises Memories of Racial Tensions in the U.S.

Monica Bauer’s play “Vivian’s Music, 1969” is inspired by real-life events. These events took place in June 1969, in a segregated Omaha, Nebraska, a city seething with racial tension after a 14-year-old black girl named Vivian Strong was shot by a white cop, igniting one of the worst race riots in American history.

Radical Youth: Fanaticism Explore in ‘Young Ahmed’

In their film “Young Ahmed,” twin Belgian filmmaking brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne tell the story of a Muslim teenager (played by Idir Ben Addi) in a small Belgian town who is radicalized by his imam, much to the distress of his single mother (Claire Bodson).