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As Anniversary Approaches, Residents Share Memories from Hurricane of 1938

“We heard a big bang and, the next thing we knew, the Presbyterian Church steeple was gone,” said Kathryn Gerecke, a Sag Harbbor resident who was 12 when the Hurricane of 1938 swept across Long Island. “It just blew down.”

Scaled-Down West Water Street Condos Still Problematic for Zoning Board

Those changes weren’t enough to inspire members of the ZBA to sign off immediately on at least nine variances needed to move the project forward, and indeed, the board continued Tuesday to press representatives of developer Jay Bialsky to go even further in their attempts to negotiate approvals.

East End Group Launched in Support of Gender Equality

Denise F. Keane, the recently retired general counsel of the Altria Group, Inc., is leading an effort on the East End to launch an organization she is calling S.A.G.E. East End, for Sustainable Actions for Gender Equality. Its first public event will be a “mix and mingle” in Sag Harbor on Saturday.