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EXPRESS SESSIONS: Real Estate Professionals Look Forward To Three-Year Positive Sales Trend

Industry professionals at an Express Sessions event last Thursday, August 6, said homes in the Hamptons were going like hotcakes, and they didn’t expect the surge to go away anytime soon — with some speculating that the market had entered a positive three-year cycle.

Sag Harbor Village Board Hears Plea For Peace And Quiet

A Sag Harbor woman called on the Village Board to take steps to inform newcomers, who have descended on the village since the coronavirus pandemic began, that their fellow residents cherish their peace and quiet.

Following Staff Concerns, Southampton Town Board To Require Visitors To Swear They’re Not Visiting...

Following concerns by town workers, Southampton Town officials will now require visitors to Town Hall to fill out forms attesting that they have not entered New York State from high-risk states without a quarantining for 14 days.