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Sag Harbor Artists Pens Children’s Book Meant To Taeach About Life, Death And Happiness

Sag Harbor Artists Pens Children's Book Meant To Taeach About Life, Death And Happiness

New York State’s 50-a Repeal Changes Nothing Immediately

The New York State Legislature’s repeal in June of “section 50-a,” a part of the Civil Rights Law that permitted police agencies to refuse to release police misconduct records, was supposed to allow members of the press and the public to access such records through a Freedom of Information Law request. In practice, those records are not forthcoming.

Some East End Schools See Surge In Enrollment; Some Don’t

With East End school districts still trying to figure out just what shape the upcoming school year will take, they also find themselves juggling with the prospect that second homeowners, who have taken refuge on the East End during the coronavirus pandemic, might enroll their children in local schools en masse, overwhelming the ability of schools to provide a safe classroom experience in the age of social distancing.