In the Swim Year-Round at Ocean Spray

An Endless Pool for Watkins Spa. Skip O'Donnell / ODonnell Photograf
An Endless Pool for Watkins Spa. Skip O’Donnell / ODonnell Photograf

By Rachel Bosworth

Shedding winter layers and going for a refreshing swim sounds pretty good right about now. Just because it’s January doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite water-based activities, especially in your own home. Ocean Spray Pools, Spas, and Saunas now offers the new Endless Pool Fitness Systems, providing indoor and outdoor options for hydro wellness year round.

“Hydro wellness, as in the new Endless Pools Fitness Systems, is a lifestyle change,” says Ocean Spray Pools, Spas, and Saunas owner Joe Musnicki. “You can swim in the fast lane current, jog on the underwater treadmill, or relax in the contorted spa seating all in the comfort of your backyard or home.”

The Endless Pool Fitness Systems combines the traditional endless pools swim-in-place wave propulsion technology with optional fitness additions such as an underwater treadmill, rowing, and strength-training exercises, and relaxation options such as spa seats with hydro massage jets. Offering a multi-functional aquatic experience, the portable spa dealer has locations in Westhampton Beach, Melville, and now Farmingdale.

“While they are available to purchase at any of our locations and our entire staff is well-versed in the technology, for now the only place to sit in them wet and dry is the Farmingdale location,” says Mr. Musnicki. “We encourage everyone to come in and take a test swim for themselves.”

With wellness practices on the rise, the relaxation these pools have to offer coupled with exercise regime selections all provide for a well-rounded pool experience you can’t get with a regular swimming pool or even the gym. The built-in treadmill option allows for low-impact running and walking cardiovascular benefits of exertion without the negative side effects often associated with land-based exercise.

Workouts can be tailored to the consumer’s needs. For those looking for more intense exercise, the swim current can be turned on for increased resistance, targeting the core, legs, and upper body with the same low-impact benefits. Daily workouts are a little more exciting with these pools, and water activities can now be enjoyed all year long on the East End.

Swimming, aquatic therapy, triathlon training, water exercise, and relaxation are among the many benefits of Endless Pools Fitness Systems. “The Endless Pools custom-designed 16-inch propeller and generously sized outlet grill produce a bubble-free swim current that’s wider than your body and deeper than your stroke. It’s a comfortable environment for all ages, and ideal for teaching kids or competitive swimmers,” says Mr. Musnicki.

Multiple conditioning grills smooth and redirect the water, resulting in a current that is free of turbulence. Even at full power, it feels like swimming in open water. Suitable for both children and adults, the pools are fit for inside your home with as little as a 6-inch cement slab for the base, though Mr. Musnicki’s clients tend to opt for outdoor installation as they make for an attractive addition to backyard layouts. Having a fully functional home wellness system that is convenient to use and beautiful enough to be the centerpiece of your backyard is just another highlight. With an aesthetically pleasing design, the acrylic shell and all-season cabinet are ideal in both form and function.

If you’re interested in training for a triathlon, maybe becoming the next Michael Phelps, or even just relaxing after an underwater jog, the Endless Pools Fitness Systems are purposefully designed to meet the fitness needs of all users. Endless Pools Fitness Systems test swims are complimentary, and totally worth getting your feet wet. Summer doesn’t feel so far off now after all.

Ocean Spray Pools, Spa, and Saunas also offer hot tubs, saunas, gazebos, and Big Green Egg grills. Visit the Westhampton Beach Showroom at 97 Old Riverhead Road.