Superintendent Pitches Communications Coordinator Position

Katy Graves

Citing a need to boost communications in the district, Ms. Graves pitched to the school board a plan to establish a communications coordinator position by transforming the part-time position of district clerk into a full-time role and adding additional responsibilities.

That individual, Victoria Handy, would work 29 hours as district clerk and 11 hours to oversee public communications. Ms. Graves’ plan would also provide a stipend for an “information gatherer” at each building level, from Stella Maris, when it opens, up to Pierson High School, to feed information to Ms. Handy. She would then “have news packaged and sent out on a weekly basis,” Ms. Graves said.

The services of a communications coordinator would be in addition to some types of services the district receives from Syntax Communications, a public relations firm that serves dozens of other school districts across Long Island.

“This is just for you to digest and think about,” Ms. Graves told the school board on Monday.

The money to pay for the communications coordinator would come from a $50,000 budget line included in the current year’s budget, earmarked for a “communications consultant,” but which has not yet been tapped.