Submissions for Playwrights

The 2021 Bay Street Theater New Works Festival reading of "Tent Revival" by Majkin Holmquist. Photo by Lenny Stucker.

Bay Street Theater is now accepting submissions for its 8th annual “Title Wave: 2022 New Works Festival,” scheduled for early May 2022. Submissions will be accepted December 1, through Friday, December 24. The festival is a unique showcase of cutting-edge theater, complete with staged readings, talkbacks, and critical discussion.

Playwrights can find more information regarding the submission guidelines and process by visiting or be emailing the theater’s literary manager, Hope Villanueva, at

Bay Street Theater is offering an opportunity for playwrights to work alongside directors and actors to refine their work in-person and in an engaging setting. Selected plays will be provided with dramaturgical notes from Bay Street’s artistic leadership and rehearsal time, spread over the course of several days, all culminating in a live staged reading and audience feedback session.

The theater is looking for plays that represent a broad array of voices, viewpoints, cultures, and styles. Writers of all backgrounds are strongly encouraged to submit. Plays in consideration should be in development, perhaps in their third or fourth draft, and at a stage where the addition of in-person creatives can be used to their full potential.

Bay Street is most interested in writers who want to collaborate, learn from their actors and directors, and who are seeking to evolve their play, not just to have a reading of their current draft. Bring stories that have not been heard, make one feel joy and humanity, or take the audience on a new journey. Casts of two to eight are ideal. Concepts and creative directions that are not fitting for The New Works Festival include plays that do not constitute an evening of theater in themselves, young audience pieces, trauma porn, or work that requires an extensive cast.’

Selected artists will be transported from New York and housed in Sag Harbor in proximity to the theater, and will have an opportunity to see the other pieces in the festival. Artists who reside outside of the New York area must provide their own transportation to Manhattan and will then be transported from there.

This development process provides growth to the chosen works and their playwrights, as well as introducing the creative team at Bay Street to new playwrights and works that might be considered for future production.