Students Work on Mapping Early America

Sag Harbor Elementary School students recently constructed a large-scale historic map of early America. Photo courtesy of the Sag Harbor School District

As part of their social studies curriculum, Sag Harbor Elementary School fourth-graders in Jeff Reed’s class created a comprehensive map of early America.

Applying their knowledge on the subject, the students drew chalk grid lines on a 10-foot sheet of paper, charted latitude and longitude, and sketched in the Western Hemisphere. They marked the French, Spanish, English and Dutch colonies and their exploration routes with different colored dyes, mapped encounters with Native Americans, and charted the forts and battlefields of the American Revolution. They also plotted and labeled waterways that held historical significance and used pompoms and yarn to mark landforms, such as the line delineated by the Royal Proclamation of 1763 and the boundaries of historically important states like New York.

“This project really motivated students,” said Mr. Reed. “They were very excited about their work.”