Stony Brook Southampton Hospital Supports Donate Life Month

Stony Brook Southampton Hospital
Stony Brook Southampton Hospital.

Stony Brook Southampton Hospital will partner with LiveOnNY to honor all organ, eye and tissue donors on Thursday, April 11 at a ceremony from 10:30 to 11 a.m. in the Parrish Memorial Hall where a commemorative flag will be presented in support of individuals and families who say yes to organ donation. A Long Island transplant-recipient will discuss their journey of organ donation with LiveOnNY addressing how organ donation can offer families something positive out of tremendous loss.

“Because of work done by our Hospital staff in support of donation and the process, families of loved ones can find comfort; recipients are given the gift of life; and, hope remains present for those waiting for a lifesaving transplant,” said Robert S. Chaloner, Chief Administrative Officer, Stony Brook Southampton Hospital. “We are very proud of the crucial role our medical staff play in saving more lives through donation, from referral calls, to support of a grieving family, and collaboration with our organ procurement organization, LiveOnNY.”

According to officials from Stony Brook Southampton Hospital, 2018, had a record number of lives in New York save through transplantation — 879 organs were transplanted from 313 organ donors. A total of 604,000 New Yorkers are registered as lifesaving organ donors — a record for the state, however there are still 114,000 individuals waiting for a lifesaving transplant, nearly 10,000 in New York alone.

To learn more about how to register to be an organ, eye or tissue donor, visit