Steven Petrow is Avoiding Stupid Things

Steven Petrow. Bethany Cubino photo.

Washington Post columnist Steven Petrow will be the guest author for the Friends of the Hampton Library’s Friday’s at Five series, which will be released online on July 16. Visit to register for a link to the talk.

His book “Stupid Things I Won’t Do When I Get Old” was released June 29 and is part memoir and part manifesto.

“Stupid Things I Won’t Do” by Steven Petrow.

Shortly after his 50th birthday, Petrow, who writes about aging issues for The Washington Post and The New York Times, began confronting and correcting his ageist beliefs with a vow not to let life diminish or disappoint him as he makes his own journey forward. Armed with a list of “things I won’t do when I get old,” he humorously, honestly contrasts his parent’s generational attitudes towards aging as well as their struggles, with his own experiences as he faces illnesses, creaking limbs, graying hair, dying friends, fear, and the loss of his parents. The list he wrote before they died had become a reminder to embrace the beauty, poignancy, and richness of his own life.