Stella Maris Renaming Survey Postponed

The former Stella Maris Regional School is in the process of being renovated and upgraded by the Sag Harbor School District. Christine Sampson photos

Citing a desire to engage with more community members, administrators in the Sag Harbor School District have postponed to September a survey about the renaming of the former Stella Maris Regional School that they initially intended to send out this month.

“We’ve already had people who rented their houses and are gone,” superintendent Katy Graves said during Monday’s school board meeting. “We’re not in that much of a hurry because we’re going to break ground this summer. Why don’t we do this in September, when everybody’s back and energized?”

The district also released the eight questions that will be on the survey, some of which people will be able to answer by providing a ranking from one to 10 and some of which are fill-in-the-blank style.

Examples of questions are: “Is it important to you that ‘Sag Harbor’ be included in the new name?” and “Is it important to you that ‘Sage’ be included in the new name, in recognition of the district’s benefactor, Margaret [Olivia] Slocum Sage?”

School board President Diana Kolhoff asked whether the online survey theoretically could be taken multiple times by the same person, or whether it could be limited to just once per person or per household.

“There are ways to do that, but then it requires people registering,” Scott Fisher, Sag Harbor’s director of technology, said. “The last thing we want to do is put obstacles in the way of people doing this. This is not scientific in any means — it’s just a way to gauge the pulse of the community and point us in a direction.”