Stella Maris March 19, 2009


Pat Sliwienski and Diane Lester’s preschool class at Stella Maris in East Hampton recently traveled back in time to the prehistoric era to learn about dinosaurs. The preschool paleontologists learned about dinosaur bones, dinosaur eggs, and fossils. The children created original dinosaurs, participated in a dinosaur dig, and observed the eruption of a model volcano in the classroom.

Kate Montaldo’s Sag Harbor pre-k class has just finished up a study on jazz music. They have discovered different types of jazz, different instruments as well as its emotional connection to the listener. They ended the segment with a special guest visitor who provided an exciting background to the world of jazz. The children were invited to listen to music, explore the instruments and were excited to attend a live performance.

The Stella Maris kindergarten students are learning to add. They practiced with Skittles and had lots of fun. The class also went to Goat on a Boat to learn about the Kapok Tree. The students have been discussing ways to practice their faith, especially during Lent. If you happen to be by the classroom, look on the door to see all the good deeds kindergarten is doing for one another. The class is almost done with their next published piece, “All Abouts.” The children are becoming experts at the writing process and it shows in their work.

Stella Maris second graders are studying the parts of a plant and how seeds grow. They put five different kinds of seeds into plastic bags lined with wet paper towels, and they are guessing which one will germinate first. This week the students will plant their own flowers and grass seeds. Spring is finally here!

In middle school, Linda Schmidt’s sixth grade class finished their poetry books and had a poetry reading on Friday for the entire school. The students are currently reading “Schooled” a book by G. Korman and they love it. The students are also learning about Lent, the Stations of the Cross, and Scripture Reading for Religion. Life Science began this week for all middle school students.