Stella Flame Jewelry Opens in Sag Harbor

Stella Flame's new storefront on Main Street in Sag Harbor.
Stella Flame’s new storefront on Main Street in Sag Harbor.

Stella Flame, a jewelry designer, opened Stella Flame at 150 Main Street in Sag Harbor earlier this year, describing the shop as “a very nice blend of beautiful and luxurious objects that make you feel good.”

Ms. Flame has had shops in Manhattan and the Hamptons before, but this is the first Stella Flame shop in several years. Two seasons ago in Sag Harbor, she opened addō with a few of her friends.

“I don’t think that jewelry is necessarily seasonal and my jewelry is fine jewelry, although I do have a fall inspired line in terms of what is easy to wear with sweaters and blazers and jackets,” she said.

Ms. Flame shared that the jewelry in her shop is personal and narrative driven and although it has an urban vibe, her pieces work well in any setting.

“We only work in silver and gold, from low karat gold to pure 24 karat gold…the pieces are made the way jewelry was made in the 15th century, so it has a certain look and feel that’s not possible to attain with some modern methods,” Ms. Flame said.

Stella Flame works with only natural gemstones that are as ethically sourced as possible like diamonds, topaz, rubies, quartz, tourmaline, and all of the pieces are handmade in Istanbul by master jewelers.

Her pieces come in a variety of prices, sizes and styles. “I want everyone to feel like when they come in, there’s something for them,” Ms. Flame said. Stella Flame also has a variety of trinket trays, jewelry boxes and jars to store jewelry in.

The store also features Jane August handbags, Indigo Jane Cashmere, Andrew Cotton’s art, Buly — a French skin care line founded in 1803 — home products and a collaboration with Andrew Martin Intl. a British furniture, textile and wall paper design firm.

Stella Flame will be offering special pricing for Thanksgiving and a part of the revenue from each sale will go to the Sag Harbor Food pantry. For more information, call (347) 480-8246 or visit

Lindsay Andarakis