Standard & Poor’s Affirms AAA Rating for Southampton Town


Standard & Poor’s Rating Services earlier this month affirmed the AAA rating it issued to Southampton Town last year. In its report to the town, S & P recognized the town as having very strong management and strong financial policies and practices.”

Shortly after taking office in January, Supervisor Jay Schneiderman led a presentation team before S&P rating analysts in their New York offices. “It was our goal,” Supervisor Schneiderman said in a release, “to let the rating agency know that the sound practices that led to this stellar rating would not only be continued but strengthened wherever possible.”

The S&P release further stated that “the stable outlook reflects our expectation that the rating will not change over the two-year outlook horizon.”

“The AAA rating underscores our fiscal commitment to the future,” Supervisor Schneiderman added. “We intend to maintain the highest integrity of the rating system and plan to work hard to stay on strong footing.”

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