Spring is On the Way at Salty Home in Bridgehampton


Hamptons Sea Salt is one of the many gifts offered at the home furnishing and decoration mainstay, Salty Home in Bridgehampton. Gianna Volpe photo

By Gianna Volpe

Spring is most certainly on the way at Salty Home in Bridgehampton Commons, where multi-colored eggs, chicks, lambs and rabbits suggestively sprinkle the shop, and even large arrow signs by the register point out exactly where customers can find an Easter bunny, for example, says owner Jessica de Kerillis, who is often found behind the register of the store with sons Vivo, 3, and Toby, eight months, in tow.

“I’ve sold so many of these arrow signs this week,” she said in an interview earlier this month, adding the rush is one that has appeared as if from nowhere. “You’ll go for a bit and not sell something and then one day everyone wants it. It’s so weird and it happens even with obscure items, like the Easter signs. Someone will come in and say, ‘Do you have this’ and that thing will come in demand suddenly — the same day we sell it — because it’s just in the air. People saw or heard someone talking about it, so they’re totally interested.”

A rise in using reclaimed materials has grown so steadily in recent years that some of the shop’s newest furniture pieces also carry the mark of passing time, says Ms. de Kerillis. It’s an idea perfectly expressed by an enormous clock turned coffee table currently for sale at Salty Home.
“We don’t do this kind of thing a lot—it just depends on having the time and inspiration—but that’s what I want to do; I’d love that,” Ms. de Kerillis said on the ownership’s occasional dabbling in creating new inventory, as was done with the oversized watch face. “[Reclaiming materials] is huge, but also important…You don’t necessarily have to ruin a tree every time you make something.”

She added the wooden American flag—alternately striped in gray and unpainted planks—featured on the @saltyhomeinc Instagram page is a classic collision between this trend and a rise in Americana. “I don’t know if it’s because of the election or what, but I’m selling a huge amount of flags and there’s more coming,” adding continued divisiveness following the most recent presidential election may have some searching for a feeling of unity. “We’re definitely going to be carrying more USA this season — not necessarily red, white and blue stuff — but you don’t necessarily have to have the red, white and blue to represent.” Neutrality and clean lines are a hallmark of Ms. de Kerillis’ own philosophy when decorating spaces. “I’m still a big color person, of course, but I like to start with something neutral and build off of that by using color to accent,” she said.

It’s a bit early to know what symbols will be biggest when it comes to consumer demand this season, according to the shop owner, who favors the compass in 2017. Other predictions include maps over mermaids and anchors over the octopus.

“We’re in the in-between season right now when it’s either renters getting their houses situated or [Hamptons visitors], so fashion is in,” she said. “I’m selling a lot of totes and jewelry right now.”

Speaking of smaller items, Salty Home is, quite naturally, also sells artisanal sea salts from the Hamptons Salt Company, which Ms. de Kerillis said is great gift for hosts and hostesses. The shop owner also favors a series of framed scientific sketchbook “library prints” featuring butterflies and beetles that can be found along Salty Home’s back wall. “I’m obsessed with these,” she said with a smile as three-year-old Vivo pulled his baby brother, Toby, close for a quick smooch. “I just told my husband that if we have a girl I would totally build a room around these because my house is so full right now I can’t put them anywhere else.”

Salty Home is located in the Bridgehampton Commons, 2044 Montauk Highway in Bridgehampton. For more information, call (631) 237-1250 or visit saltyhome.com.

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