Sponsored: A Top 5 for Choosing a Gym


Members who train at MuvStrong having some fun at the fitness facility off Springs Fireplace Road in East Hampton.

Choosing a training facility can be tough. There are a lot of options out there and from the outside looking in a fair number of them seem the same. While it’s true that the endgame at most training facilities is the same — to get you to come back — here are five things you should look out for in a training facility to insure you want to come back. We will count down as to draw things out and create drama. Or you can just read from the bottom up…

MuvStrong coaches , from left to right, Kristie, Kyle, Mike, Gordon, Scott and Antoine.

5. Cleanliness is next to godliness and a gym should be clean, from the bathrooms to the changing rooms, and the towels to the floor. The dirtiest thing in a gym during your workout should be your shirt.

4. A sense of community and support. Everyone at the facility supports one another in and out of the gym. Clients hang out with each other, they bring their kids to the same school, they chat at the grocery store, they complain about the same exercises together. But aside from a mutual hatred of all things lunge related, the training facility participates in community events. Not only does it clog up your Facebook feed about running a 5K (shameless plug for the Katy’s Courage 5K on April 22), it is a great way to highlight the training facility’s clientele and their hard work!

3. Assessment. Your gym should use the FMS and TPI screens, ROM testing and strength testing. Whatever they use, there should be measurable numbers that make you accountable. It shouldn’t matter what assessment tool trainers use, as long as they use it consistently.

Kyle Pommerantz works with a client at MuvStrong.

2. Programming. Your coach programs and for every session there is a plan in place for your personal goals, not just what the internet trainer has in store for today. As an aside, your coach listens to you, they plan accordingly for your goals, your timeline, your movements and they refer to specialists when needed for nutrition, acupuncture or chiropractic to help you meet your goals.

1. The deciding factor for choosing a training facility should be that it’s MuvStrong, Inc. at 289 Springs Fireplace Road in East Hampton. No, that’s not it. It should be FUN!!! It should be enjoyable, you should leave with a smile, exhausted but with a smile, feeling stronger, fitter and more awesome than you were before you walked through the door!
At any rate, if you want to come hang out with some cool people but don’t feel like coming to the spot quite yet, come join us on April 22nd by Beacon restaurant in Sag Harbor for Katy’s Courage!  We will be happy to chat and give you other ideas on what works for you.

Coach and co-owner Gordon Trotter works with a pair of clients on MuvStrong’s trademark turf floor.


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