Southampton Town Weighs Allowing Non-Plastic Stirrers Once Again

Wood drink stirrers, center, are an example of non-plastic stirrers. Christine Sampson photo

When the Southampton Town Board banned plastic bags, polystyrene containers, plastic straws and stirrers in February, non-plastic beverage stirrers inadvertently got caught up in the fray. On Tuesday, April 30, the town board held a public hearing on legislation to restore non-plastic stirrers to self-serve beverage spots throughout the town.

“We got some feedback from some local restaurants that especially at self-service beverage stations, it causes an undue hardship,” said councilwoman Julie Lofstad, the sponsor of the amendment. “We thought that it was a reasonable request that you should have non-plastic stirrers there.”

The previous rules, which go into effect on May 8 and otherwise impact plastic straws and stirrers in addition to polystyrene, commonly known as Styrofoam, stated “non-plastic straws and stirrers [would] be provided only upon request.”

Town supervisor Jay Schneiderman pointed out that many places would use wooden stirrers. On Tuesday, no one present spoke out against the amendment, and the board closed the public hearing, paving the way for a future vote on the change.