Southampton Town Spends $1.1 Million Of CPF Money On Three Parcels

Southampton Town Board members approved spending $1.1 million of Community Preservation Fund money on three parcels. GREG WEHNER

Southampton Town Board members on Tuesday approved spending more than $1 million of Community Preservation Fund money to acquire three parcels totaling 3.3 acres.
The largest of the three properties is 2.2 acres located on Millstone Road in Noyac, just north of The Bridge Golf Club. In fact, Bridgehampton Road Races Corp. has agreed to sell the parcel, which is in the Great Swamp Target Preservation Area, to the town for $500,000.

Town Board members also agreed to purchase 0.43 acre in Westhampton for $500,000. The property is located on South Road and Beaver Dam Road, and, according to a resolution passed by the board, is appropriate to be used for village and hamlet greens, parks, recreation and open space.

Prior to the sale, the land was part of the Raynor Estate.

At the Town Board meeting on Tuesday, Community Preservation Fund Manager Lisa Kombrink said the Landmarks Committee opined on the property acquisition and determined that a boathouse on the property has historic significance and should not be torn down.

The third property being purchased by the town with CPF money is a 0.64 acre property located on North Magee Street in Tuckahoe. Maureen Mahoney, the owner of the parcel, agreed to sell the property to the town for $125,000.

In addition to the three parcels, the town is also acquiring three small properties from Suffolk County. The properties are in North Sea, including 0.05 acre in the Great Hill Target Preservation area, and 0.18 acre and 0.09 acre near Splint Rock Road.