South Fork Peak Savers at Your Door

A nest thermostat from South Fork Peak Savers.

South Fork Peak Savers (SFPS) announced this week it will begin a door-to-door service on the South Fork to aid in its mission to reduce growing demand for electricity on the South Fork, where they say energy consumption is increasing at twice the rate of the rest of Long Island. At the core of its goal is a desire to reduce energy use during high consumption periods in July and August with an objective to provide 8.3 megawatts of load control and energy efficiency measures.

Incentives include providing free smart thermostats for PSEG customers with central air conditioning, and rebates for smart thermostats enrolled in Peak Savers’ energy savings program; a combined $950 in rebates for Energy Star pool pumps; and free energy audits, smart thermostats, and LED lighting upgrades for commercial customers.

Beginning this month, South Fork Peak Savers and its partner, Rhino LED, will be bringing these energy and money-saving incentives right to East Hampton’s doorstep. Representatives will be going door to door throughout the town, beginning in Montauk and working west, to let residents know about the program’s benefits.

Rhino LED reps, who will be in uniform, with ID badges, and have undergone background checks, will be able to discuss all of the energy-saving initiatives and help property owners get them under way.

Information on the South Fork Peak Savers and other programs is available through the Town of East Hampton’s Energize East Hampton initiative, at