‘Sixties Show’ Is a Living, Breathing Time Machine

The Sixties Show

Take a trip back to another time and place, where an AM radio is blasting music from a convertible on a warm, fall, starlit Saturday night on Main Street, USA.

It’s the 1960s, when the music encapsulated an iconic era — one “The Sixties Show” just can’t forget.

Stripped down to a pair of pulsating guitars, bass, drums and vocal harmonies — laden with British Invasion-type explosions to orchestrated blasts of rapture — the show is cross-generational crowd pleaser, known for the spot-on recreations of the hits, B-sides and deep album cuts that the band will bring to Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor on Friday, October 12, and Saturday, October 13.

“‘The Sixties Show’ is a high-energy trip back in time that reminds the audience how uniquely inspirational, entertaining and historically significant the music of the 1960s was and continues to be,” according to a press release.

Former band members for Bob Dylan, Ray Charles, James Brown and The Kinks — and current members of The Smithereens — perform all their music live with zero samples, backing tracks or prerecorded music.

“The band uses a state-of-the art sound system and only plays authentic 1960s period vintage and reissue vintage gear and instrumentation, just like original artists and original recordings,” the release said. “This combined with genuine 1960s mod costumes that the band wears only add to the meticulous detail and authenticity of this popular and powerful theater show.”

Both concerts start at 8 p.m. Advance tickets are $35, or $40 the day of. For more information, call (631) 725-9500 or visit baystreet.org.