SHOP: Shindig Shuck Box

The Shindig Shuck Box provides everything you need for an oyster party.

This holiday season, the tri-state area can get a taste of the North Fork — via fresh oysters.

Southold Bay Oysters recently unveiled their Shindig Shuck Box, a one-stop shop for any oyster aficionado or amateur that includes two dozen Southold Shindig Oysters grown right in Southold Bay and a stainless steel Plymouth-style shucking knife with instructions.

It wouldn’t be complete without the oyster farm’s homemade cocktail sauce — featuring local Wesnofske tomatoes and Holy Schmitt’s horseradish — and a recipe for cooking Shindig Rockefellers at home, all delivered in an insulated, reusable cooler with a front pocket to carry essentials, or your shucking knife.

“Southold Shindigs are Eastern Oysters, or Atlantic Oysters,” according to the shellfish farm’s website. “They are ‘true oysters’ native to the eastern seaboard of North America. The eastern oyster, like all members of the family Ostreidae, can create small pearls to surround particles that enter the shell. These pearls, however, are insignificant in size and of no value. We have not found a pearl yet!”

The Shindig Shuck Boxes are available online for $49 and, in December, hand-delivered free on the North Fork by oyster farmers — or a flat $25 fee for overnight shipments to New York City, Westchester, Fairfield, and greater Long Island.

“It only takes two minutes to send delicious local oysters to your friends or loved ones to enjoy for the holidays,” the website said. “Oysters are the perfect gift for anyone who loves shellfish and the North Fork!”

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