Shop: Mobile Matcha

Mixing up the matcha.

Tathiana and Alessandro Teixeira, both former professional athletes, learned from an early age that a healthy balance in both body and mind was required for them to thrive in the demanding disciplines of ballet and tennis. Amid a deluge of sugary sports drinks and protein shakes, the pair found that whole-leaf tea was a great tool for maintaining that balance.

Years later, and armed with business degrees, entrepreneurial spirits and an in-depth knowledge about premium tea, they founded PLAIN-T — bringing whole-leaf and hand-picked teas from some of the world’s finest gardens to Southampton.

Now, they’re hitting the road — but they’re not going far.

Introducing the East End’s first and only Matcha and Iced Tea Mini-Mobile unit, a conveniently sized and tastefully designed movable mini-bar stationed at various Hamptons restaurants, hotels and retailers.

“Matcha is currently one of the most sought-after beverages on the market, primarily due to its health benefits,” according to a press release. “PLAIN-T’s Matcha is 100-percent natural, sugar free and virtually calorie free. As a natural source of caffeine, nutrients, antioxidants and fiber, Matcha is a healthier alternative to coffee or other typical sweetened morning beverages. It also contains an amino acid called L-theanine, which helps the body stay energized and the mind stay alert for hours after consumption.

“Unlike the caffeine you’ll find in coffee, the caffeine in tea acts as a gentle stimulus to your central nervous system by enhancing the flow of blood to your brain,” the release added. “It doesn’t affect your heart rate or circulation. Tea actually improves your concentration and reaction times, and heightens mental awareness and sensitivity. Because the caffeine in tea acts as a gentle stimulant to the heart and circulatory system, it helps keep the walls of your blood vessels soft, which reduces the likelihood of atherosclerosis and heart attack.”

This is the first phase in a new line of mobile PLAIN-T units, with a larger unit planned for release in the coming year. For more information, call (631) 251-6316 or visit