SHIMA Offers Homeopathic Remedies in Medicine

Dr. Suzanne Kirby and Dr. Glenn Goodman of Sag Harbor Integrative Medicine, photographed in their Sag Harbor office. Michael Heller photo

To create a homeopathic remedy, one must look at the whole body as it’s the bigger picture that needs healing. By matching a patient’s symptoms to the vibrations of an original plant or mineral’s properties, the body can organize its defenses. A common ailment affecting patients on the East End now are allergies. Dr. Suzanne Kirby of Sag Harbor Integrative Medicine Associates (SHIMA) explains how like cures like through vibrational medicine and various homeopathic remedies create allows the body’s vital energy to do the work in a natural way.

When physician Samuel Hahnemann founded homeopathy in the late 1700s, he had endeavored to dilute plants and minerals as an effective treatment for patients outside of the traditional high doses of mercury and arsenic that were popular treatments for disease at the time. When diluted, the essence of these substances still had healing effects on the body, creating a “shadow disease.” It’s a similar idea to vaccinations and allergy shot in Western medicine. Today, asrenicum is a homeopathic remedy used to help people who worry, have anxiety or stomach problems. It is used regularly at SHIMA, and helps get rid of symptoms faster with patients feeling better sooner.

“The homeopathic remedies do not possess even one molecule of the original substance,” says Dr. Kirby. “But the remedies maintain and reproduce information about the vibrational pattern of the original substance, just like a CD can reproduce the vibrational pattern of the musical performance, without containing a single molecule of the performer.”

Currently, allergies are a prime concern among many patients. They seem to change each year and pollen is getting stronger and affecting more people. Sometimes, symptoms can exhibit in a similar manner to a cold. To help combat this, SHIMA offers a homeopathic combination of all of the East End’s local pollens. Taken in small doses daily, the remedy desensitizes the body to pollen and reduces hay fever. Allium cepa, a homeopathic of onion, is effective in helping allergy symptoms as it matches the watery eyes and dripping nose.

“For each ailment, there are a dozen remedies,” Dr. Kirby explains. “You have to match it up with the symptoms as different remedies have different qualities. Remedies are safe and effective, and they support the immune system.”

Dr. Kirby recently gave a talk on the homeopathic remedies for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Prior to giving birth, there are basic remedies that can be used to enhance a health delivery, such as caulophyllum, a homeopathic of blue cohosh. Sepia is used for a lot of symptoms including morning sickness and also PMS, while phytolacca is helpful for inflammation of the breast during breastfeeding. These are safe for both mothers and children.

When working with infants, common ailments include colic and upset stomach. As a child cannot explain what is bothering them, watching how they act is essential in determining the best homeopathic remedy. Dr. Kirby examines the child for signs and symptoms, while also depending on the parents to share anything they’ve noticed. Do they bring their legs up in pain, are they uncomfortable, restless, or cranky, or are they not taking milk well? Answering these questions will help uncover the best remedy unique to the individual. For colic, chamomilla is among the most common remedy and it is also helpful for teething. For intense cramping, the diluted version of bitter cucumber, colocynthis, is ideal.

“It is not the disease itself but information about the disease which helps the body organize its defenses,” Dr. Kirby says. “As the body’s vital energy pushes back like a rebound effect against the ‘shadow dis-ease’ created by the remedy, it also pushes the actual disease from the body.”

Treating the whole body, not the disease, helps it heal itself. Considering all aspects of an individual patient’s life rather than a single symptom, SHIMA’s classical homeopathic approach has profound health improvements on the physical, mental and emotional, and spiritual body. Other alternative medicine modalities include advanced energy healing, non-invasive acupuncture and auriculotherapy, kinesiology and more.


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