SHIMA Looks to Big Picture Healthcare

Dr. Suzanne Kirby and Dr. Glenn Goodman of Sag Harbor Integrative Medicine in their Sag Harbor office on August 6, 2018. Michael Heller photo

When treating an ailment, sometimes you need to look at the bigger picture. It’s not just the injury that led to the backache or change in season the resulted in a cold, but how a person moves, thinks and lives. At Sag Harbor Integrative Medicine Associates (SHIMA) the goal is to approach each unique case by considering the symptoms of concern in addition to factors like nutrition, mental and emotional wellbeing, and physical and structural needs as they relate to one’s lifestyle. Dr. Glenn Goodman and Dr. Suzanne Kirby share how various modalities can treat the bigger picture.

SHIMA finds balance with alternative medicine. Methods to treat patients include chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy, botanical and nutritional therapy, reflexology, massage, craniosacral therapy, cold laser therapy, functional movement, and more. “This approach is important because it works with a minimum of side effects, is cost effective and is for all ages of our life span,” says Dr. Kirby.

How these various approaches may relate to an individual patient is determined through a thorough evaluation, resulting in an individualized treatment plan for restoring health. In addition to some of their more popular services, SHIMA also combines Applied Kinesiology to assess and balance the body nutritionally through proper diet, herbs, and detoxification.

“The chiropractic and functional movement we use helps the mechanical issues very well,” Dr. Goodman explains, as both he and Dr. Kirby are licensed chiropractors. “The addition of detoxification and nutrients through herbs and homeopathic remedies address the balancing of organs and systems on a deeper level.”

Patients often come to SHIMA for structural problems of their spines and extremities, including the lower back, hips, neck, and more. They may also have acute or chronic issues such as headaches, poor digestion, colds, Lyme disease, and more. The practitioners aim to treat the patient as a whole rather than the single on a sole condition.

“Balancing diet, lifestyle, movement and proper nutrients and herbs supports normal physiology, biochemistry, emotional, cognitive and physical functions,” Dr. Kirby says. “This is a recipe for feeling balanced and well by addressing the whole person rather than just a symptom.”

Though finding many people in the local community are seeking integrative medicine first and consider SHIMA to be their primary care provider, Dr. Goodman and Dr. Kirby work with local doctors as well to offer a well-rounded treatment plan. Patients may also seek their care after multiple failed attempts under traditional medical approaches as well.

“We understand the frustration of our society’s current medical disease care system” Dr. Goodman explains. “We do not push back against it. We embrace and work closely with our local medical doctors who do a great job providing very necessary medication and surgeries.”

Dr. Goodman has an admiration for his fellow practitioners on the East End and feels strongly there is enough room for everyone to practice and treat patients depending on what their individual needs are. All have a common goal after all of guiding people on a path to health and wellbeing. He also applies this knowledge to his public group classes at Mandala Yoga Center in Amagansett Square.

“It is for all levels of yoga practitioners and is a wonderful way to learn how to lengthen and strengthen your back, shoulders and hips, as well as decompress your spine,” Dr. Goodman says of Smooth Harmonious Integration of Foundation Training (SHIFTT). “We have a lot of fun at each class and the intent is for you to learn the movements to do on your own, as well as apply them to your normal activities of daily living.”


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