“Seussical” Sets Travel Cross Town

Patricia Figueroa as Gertrude McFuzz sings a song about wishing for beautiful tail feathers while Samantha Udave, Halena Baker and Julian Cheng look on. Christine Sampson photo

When the producers of Pierson Middle School’s rendition of “Seussical the Musical Jr.” heard the Bridgehampton School was planning to produce the full-length version of the show later in the year, they made the neighborly decision to lend Bridgehampton their wacky, colorful sets.

“That was awesome,” Bridgehampton’s director, Lindsey Sanchez, said. “They were so generous. It started us ahead of the curve. We’re very lucky.”

The Bridgehampton Drama Club will perform “Seussical the Musical” on Friday, April 27, at 7 p.m., and on Saturday, April 28, at 2 and 7 p.m. Starring in the show are Julian Cheng as the Cat in the Hat, Melanie Braia as Jojo, Caleigh Hochstedler as Mayzie LaBird and Patricia Figueroa as Gertrude McFuzz. Colin Freedman, a student from East Hampton, plays Horton the Elephant.

Ms. Sanchez said she picked “Seussical” after hearing just a few bars of the show’s overture.

“I tend to pick shows that have themes that are very ‘high school,’ but I thought we can finally have a show that is totally geared toward everyone,” she said. “It’s so family friendly. It’s super fun.”

The show’s 27-member cast includes fifth graders for the first time. Among the cast is senior Montse Udave, who is playing one of the “bird girls.” She spent three years as a Drama Club crew member before stepping onstage this year, and has actually helped choreograph some of the dance numbers.

“It’s a big change. I’m getting more involved,” Montse said. “This is really fun. It’s a little dorky, so we can all have fun with it.”

The cast and crew face a hurdle: Because of the school’s relatively small size, many of the students are also involved in sports and other clubs, so time management is tricky. Ms. Sanchez called them “big-time, busy Bees,” but said the show is coming together nonetheless.

“It’s really going well,” she said, “and I think it’s because it’s so catchy and everyone loves it.”

Colin Freedman, a student from East Hampton High School, stars as Horton the Elephant in the Bridgehampton School’s production of “Seussical the Musical.” Christine Sampson photo