Seeing Red Over Yellow Lines



Commuters became concerned last week when highway workers painted double yellow lines on the newly repaved Napeague stretch of Route 27, where cars used to legally pass one another.

But drivers needn’t fear being stuck behind sluggish drivers on the stretch all summer. Eileen Peters, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Transportation, confirmed on Wednesday that the current markings are only temporary, and will be restored to how they were when the repaving work is finished.

The $13.8 million project to repave Montauk Highway from Route 114 in East Hampton to South Etna Drive in Montauk resumed in April after a winter hiatus. The roadwork has, at times, resulted in single-lane alternating traffic, where eastbound drivers are forced to wait to let westbound traffic through, and vice versa.

Double yellow lines first appeared last week, after highway workers finished repaving the western side of the Napeague Stretch, from Shipwreck Drive all the way to Cyril’s Fish House, which is scheduled to open this Friday.

Ms. Peters said the double yellow lines on the stretch have been put in temporarily to maintain the safety of workers and motorists while they finish up the project. Although other passing lanes between Montauk and East Hampton have been removed, the DOT intends to keep the road markings the same throughout the whole of Napeague.

Ms. Peters said weather permitting, the DOT hopes to have all of the repaving complete by Memorial Day weekend. Permanent traffic markings, as well as bike lane striping and more visible crosswalks, will be replaced when the project is complete.

The travel lane shifts are in effect Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., for up-to-date traffic information visit