See some Academy Award-nominated Docs

John Lewis in “John Lewis: Good Trouble,” a Magnolia Pictures release screened in 2020 by Hamptons Doc Fest. © Ben Arnon. Courtesy Magnolia Pictures.

In its effort to support the outstanding films nominated by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in the category of Best Documentary Feature, Hamptons Doc Fest will profile and promote the five documentary nominees, starting on March 15, after the Academy’s announcement of the Oscar finalists.

Jacqui Lofaro, Hamptons Doc Fest founder and executive director, stated: “With such a strong attendance at our virtual Hamptons Doc Festival, December 4-13, with fans watching the 35 documentaries from 17 states across the country, we want to support what we are sure will be a stellar lineup of nominees. That way you can be sure to enjoy these gems before the winners are announced at the Oscar ceremony on Sunday, April 25.”

Some of the films that have been featured on various “best of” and “contenders” lists which were also shown by Hamptons Doc Fest include: “John Lewis: Good Trouble,” “76 Days,” “MLK/FBI,” “The Mole Agent,” “The Dissident,” “Acasa, My Home,” “City Hall,” “The Reason I Jump,” “Through the Night” and “Zappa.”

Go to for information on where to screen the documentary contenders, as well as Hamptons Doc Fest’s on-going programming.