Sedgwick’s Journey to Jail

Author Rob Sedgwick.

Rob Sedgwick, author of “Bob Goes to Jail,” will offer an in-person reading of his book at Rogers Memorial Library in Southampton on Monday, November 1, at 6 p.m.

Sedgwick was born into one of America’s oldest and most storied families going all the way back to his ancestor Robert Sedgwick who opened the first brewery in the colonies in 1635. His sister is actress Kyra Sedgwick and his cousin Edie Sedgwick was Andy Warhol’s muse. In “Bob Goes to Jail,” Sedgwick — who has the drop-dead good looks of Robert Redford and the judgement of Keith Richards — recounts in colorful detail his journey from lost, little boy to inept criminal.

Rob Sedgwick’s book “Bob Goes to Jail.”

In 1990, the NYPD and the DEA caught him red-handed in his grandparents’ apartment with 500 pounds of marijuana. The drug bust is the backdrop for the book which offers vignettes from his childhood and his often-harrowing adolescence. Following the reading, Sedgwick will discuss the book and his life including playing a drug lord on TV while awaiting trial for playing one in real life. Though readers will cringe at each bad decision (and there are so many), Sedgwick writes with such comic candor that you can’t help but root for him. “Bob Goes to Jail” chronicles the search to find one’s place in the world.

To register for the program, visit the library’s calendar of events at or call 631-283-0774 ext. 523. Rogers Memorial Library is at 91 Cooper’s Farm Road, Southampton.