School District Repairs Water Main Break

Sag Harbor Elementary School. Christine Sampson photo

Sag Harbor School District administrators found themselves responding to a water main break at Sag Harbor Elementary School at approximately 4 a.m. Tuesday morning, superintendent Katy Graves said Wednesday.

“We found another route to keep enough water pressure to the building and keep it going,” she said. “We were able to turn off the water main break before any debris got pushed into the building. It was a challenge, but we got it done.”

The roads around the school started to become icy and Sag Harbor Village responded quickly to provide sand for the road, Ms. Graves said.

In the process of fixing the break, crews had to destroy a segment of brand-new sidewalk that had recently been installed at the school. However, Ms. Graves said, the district paid a $5,000 insurance deductible that will cover the water main and plumbers’ charges and all other related repairs.