Scaling Down Multifamily Housing in Sag Harbor


By Christine Sampson

Two multifamily homes are slated to be converted back to single-family homes. The house at 30 Bayview Avenue currently consists of four apartments, while 130 Madison is two separate apartments.

Representing 30 Bayview Avenue, developer Greg Konner told the ARB during its October 12 meeting he plans to remove the fire escapes and an “odd deck” on the back of the house. He also said he plans to replace part of the eight-car asphalt driveway with a lawn and a small pool. A new septic system and door and replacement of siding and trim are also proposed.

ARB member Val Florio suggested he add windows with a more historic look, and said Mr. Konner is “reverting it back in time.”

Bayview Avenue was left off the village’s historic survey, so the house is not technically a contributing house. A letter from a neighbor suggested it would indeed land on the survey as such should the survey be corrected or redone.

“I think what you’re doing is great,” ARB chairman Anthony Brandt said. “We can establish later whether this is an historic structure as claimed.”

The ARB was amenable to most of the design but ultimately tabled Mr. Konner’s application until a detailed landscaping plan could be provided.

The ARB partially approved plans for 130 Madison, where Susan Halpern applied for a permit to remove the existing rear additions to allow for more green space and remove the second floor deck and apartment entry to be able to convert it to interior space.

Representing the property owner, Greg Baker remarked that “it’s sad what happened, that it was carved up.”

Mr. Brandt called the house “handsome and quite spectacular.” The ARB did not approve plans for a small pool and landscaping, asking the applicants to come back with a more detailed proposal.