Sailmaker Wins Sailboat at Boat Society Raffle

Andrea Bourel Moran.

A Sag Harbor woman, formerly a sailmaker, was the stunned winner of a skiff at East End Classic Boat Society’s raffle drawing Sunday December 10 in Amagansett.

“I’m shocked,” said Andrea Bourel Moran, 65, an YMCA East Hampton RECenter swim instructor and former sailmaker.

Mrs. Moran, who has been sailing since she was a small child, related a mystical component to her win. She said she and her husband, Kevin Moran had visited the nearby ocean beach where her son Yves Bourel, who died at age 22, had served as a Life Guard lieutenant, before the couple went to the Hartjen-Richardson Community Boat House to buy their raffle tickets. Mrs. Moran explained she was looking for a sign from her son that might forecast her win, like seeing a whale. She had bought a ticket the previous year with no success. This year the number on her winning stub matched the numerical date of her son’s death from a hidden heart ailment in 2014.

Mr. Moran, the facilities manager at the YMCA is a power boater. He left no doubt that his wife would be in charge of the handcrafted 13-foot Pooduck skiff she won. “This is hers,” he said.

After EECBS President Ray Hartjen, spun the drum the winning stub was pulled by Frank Packer of Yonkers, an 11-year-old visitor to the boathouse. The new boat and trailer owner, who shouted in surprise when she heard her name called, said she was first was taken out in a sailboat by her dad at age five. Her additional weight was ballast on the boat he was racing off Cape Cod, she explained.

Before Sunday’s drawing, Mrs. Moran did not have a sailboat, but in the past, has owned and sailed boats as big as a 48-foot yawl. She operated Sunset Sail & Canvas sail loft in Sag Harbor until 1978.

Raised in in West Islip, she has been a Sag Harbor area resident since 1976 after a move from Montauk. A true boat lover, she related how at one point, when a small skiff she owned drifted off the beach with the tide, she stripped to her underwear to swim out and retrieve it.