Sagaponack Pushes for No Parking


Party planners who have held events in Sagaponack in the past may find that, come next summer, they will have more difficulty with parking and tents for events within the village.

During Monday night’s Sagaponack Village Board meeting the board proposed adding a new code for parking along some of the village’s main streets and proposed new legislation for the erection of tents on private property.

Currently, there are signs along Sagg Main Street that say parking is permitted from July 1 to Labor Day by town permit only, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The board would like to see “No Parking Anytime” signs put up in their place.

Trustee Alfred Kelman said that there used to be “No Parking Anytime” signs along this street and others within the village but it has since changed to the current Southampton Town signs which allow for people to park along the streets during the day with a beach permit for the summer season, but allows any parking between the hours of 6 p.m. and 9 a.m.

“I have had a number of requests to go back to no parking anytime,” said Kelman.

An amendment to prohibit parking on those streets will be drafted and village attorney Anthony Tohill will bring these changes to the October 14 board meeting to be voted on.

The board expressed concerns that a ban on parking could be problematic for those holding special events.

“We could issue party permits and the right for some to have a parking waiver on a specific date,” mayor Donald Louchheim said, “There is no reason why we couldn’t request that.”

Party planners who are thinking about erecting tents for outdoor events in the future may also need to follow a new village code. At Monday’s meeting it was announced that a new local law will be considered for adoption at a public hearing on Tuesday, October 14. The legislation will ban permanent tents from being erected, prohibit storage tents and require permits for temporary tents. The permits will be issued by the village clerk and the application for the permits will be due 60 days prior to the date of issuance. The application for a tent is proposed at $500.

Trustee Lee Foster expressed concerns over the amount of the fee, and the board agreed to find out how much the Town of Southampton charges for a tent application fee.

“We would welcome the public’s input on this matter,” Louchheim said. “We are not specifying what kind of tent it will be and when it is erected.”

Trustee Lisa Duryea Thayer said, “There are two or three tent companies that would be interested in attending the meeting.”

The intent of the proposed legislation is to enable a village review of planned activities to protect the pubic interest, including the expectation of peace and quiet during the summer months. The legislation gives the board of trustees the ability to approve or deny any application and also gives the board the ability to call a public hearing, if necessary.

Planning Board News

At the Sagaponack Village Planning Board meeting on Monday, the board discussed four large parcels of land that is being considered for subdivisions within the village.

The public hearing on one of the four, the subdivision of Brenda Earl’s property on Daniels Lane of just over 18.5 acres, was closed, but was left open for written comment for 10 days. The subdivision has the required 65 percent open space set aside for an agricultural reserve area and there will be two oceanfront lots.

 “So we will never see through to the water again,” asked resident Barbara Albright.

“No we will never see through again,” Louchheim responded.