Sag Harbor’s GeekHampton Experts on the iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7
Apple's iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with wireless headphones. Image courtesy of Apple.
Apple iPhone 7 Plus
Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus. Image courtesy of Apple.

By Lindsay Andarakis

Apple iPhone 7
Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with wireless headphones. Image courtesy of Apple.

With the new season comes new latté flavors, and of course, a new iPhone model. Last week, Apple revealed the release of its newest smartphone, the iPhone 7, with mixed feelings from the public. Meaghan Derby, the floor manager at GeekHampton in Sag Harbor offered an inside look into some of the new features Apple has to offer.

“What I’m most excited about personally—just because I’m really into photography and I’m really into taking pictures with my phone—is the new dual lens camera on the iPhone 7 plus. Unfortunately this type of camera is not available on the iPhone 7 yet, but it’s supposed to be extremely cool,” Ms. Derby said.

The camera features much more sophisticated and stronger sensors, takes much better pictures. Ms. Derby said that it’s almost like having a DSLR in your pocket, and people can expect stunning picture quality.

“For our customers, I think their favorite feature is going to be the fact that this iPhone is supposed to be much more water resistant. It’s not completely waterproof, but the resistance is going to be great because we get people coming in from the beach and from the pool in the summertime all day; ‘I dropped it in the pool, we dropped it when we were sailing’…there’s new seals around a lot of the edges and a lot of the ports so that water doesn’t get in quite as easily,” Ms. Derby added.

The iPhone 7 will have a new processor that was designed to make the phone operate much faster and smoother, and the home button will not actually click anymore, but rather use 3-D touch, part of the reason why this new model is so water resistant; you will feel a slight vibration when using the new home button.

The lightning cable charging system will remain the same, but to many surprised users, they have decided to remove the AUX cord connection, which will prevent people from using traditional headphones. Ms. Derby predicts that this will be everyone’s biggest struggle. Luckily, there will be a lighting adapter available to allow use of regular headphones, but it’s another piece people will have to remember to carry around. The phone will come with Bluetooth ear pods that have no direct wire connection to the phone.

“The only thing I’m a little hesitant about is that they’ve created new colors for these phones, black and jet black. Jet black is supposed to be a high gloss black finish which sounds really cool and will look really cool, I’m just afraid it will scratch very easy,” Ms. Derby said.

While GeekHampton does not sell the phone, they do repairs, replacements and have accessories. The company is also happy to assist customers in purchasing or preordering the iPhone through the Apple website or their service provider. Visit for more information.